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How does the Digi-Design™ kit differ from other companies' solutions? 

In addition to much lower cost of ownership, our kit DOES NOT require you ship your existing fundus camera to us; instead, we offer the first user-installable kits that setup in less than 10 minutes, with NO modification to your existing big rig.

Why do you specifically use the Pentax line of digital SLR backs/bodies?

While our competitors rely on bodies made by Canon and Nikon (both of which make a great product), after careful analysis of the design benefits and costs to deploy a kit with these bodies, we chose Pentax for their thinner internal lens to back plane distance , which leads to a less-complex optical pathway, as well as their industry-leading price/feature ratio across the product line. And, no, we have no financial interest in Pentax - just a great appreciation for their product!

Are there other benefits to purchasing from Orphan Ophthalmics?

As practicing eye doctors, our researchers are always looking for ways to incorporate new features using existing hardware. As a result, we not only offer complimentary feature updates on many of our kits as new features are added, we also use a common hardware model for both our slit lamp and fundus camera kits. 

This means that a practice can easily, inexpensively and incrementally add slit lamp photography to their current fundus camera photo capture, by simply purchasing the additional parts made to work with their existing fundus camera adapters designed by Orphan.

How do your prices compare to other digital conversions?

Great question! And a short answer, too - please click here for examples.

When did Orphan Ophthalmics start up and offer its first kit?

We are proud to say we offered our first kits in 2001, and began commercial sales in 2002. This is our eighth year servicing the digital conversion market.

Where can I learn more about your kits?

Please feel free to inquire using our contact page. If you'd like a return phone call, please leave the appropriate contact info, and we'll return a call to you as soon as we can. As our research staff are also practicing doctors, please allow adequate time for a call back. Thanks!

Is there a summary of your kit's features, etc., that is downloadable?

You've cheated and read ahead! Please plan a return visit here in a few days - we're even now preparing a PDF formatted fact sheet for your viewing enjoyment!

What exactly is a Hairy Eye? Why would I want one?

The Hairy Eye is a free-range view of the eye care and eye wear world, written primarily for consumers (though practitioners of all backgrounds are welcome to give it a read and a listen!), to fill a void one of our docs feels needs addressing. In addition to a blog which is updated periodically, we also offer an audio (and soon, video) podcast section, which is also updated semi-regularly. We invite you to stop by and spend a few minutes. Your comments on all things pertinent are also very welcome!

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