AO & Reichert Slit Lamps

As one of the forgotten entry-level slit lamp manufacturers, AO and it's Reichert line of 90 degree and 45 degree viewport slit lamps were sold to many offices looking for a sturdy, basic, reliable workhorse.

Within the last few months, we've received several requests to develop a separate digital photo conversion kit for these venerable SLs. We've got an early prototype of an ocular-mount unit working quite well, and at the present time we're evaluating several high-quality point & shoot cameras for final kit candidacy.

If you're among those who love their AO and want to capture what you see through the oculars, please send an email or use our response page to let us know. We anticipate this kit will be among the least expensive of adaptations, and we encourage you to contact us if interested.


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